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Letters on candidates who care, Rogers, Gregory, Giroux, Trump

Support candidates who truly care

I have been a Kansan for almost 70 years and taught in the public schools for more than 30 years. I’m still proud to be a Kansan but am not proud of the direction our state has been going the past few years.

We do need a change, and I urge you to join me in voting for those who truly care about our public schools, all Kansans, equal opportunities and our environment. Caring is the operative action. The great experiment is not working.

Sally Hayes, Wichita

Vote for Rogers

Like many Americans, I am growing weary of this election cycle. But for us Kansans, it is important that we stay connected and change the direction our state is going.

I am disappointed and concerned with what a failed “experiment” has done to our state. The poor economic condition and reduced credit rating of our state are not what we are accustomed to. We need to reverse course; we need positive change.

I believe that positive change comes from drastically changing the makeup of our Legislature. That’s why I am encouraging my friends and neighbors to vote for Lynn Rogers for state Senate, District 25.

I worked with Rogers for many years on the Wichita school board and developed a very healthy respect for him. He possesses the Kansas values we need in Topeka. Although fiscally responsible, he also sees the need to invest in our future. That investment would result in improved schools and a renewed focus on actually creating an atmosphere that lures businesses and jobs to our state.

Rogers is an independent thinker and won’t be bullied by party bosses or our governor. He will be a breath of fresh air for us who truly want positive change in our state.

Chip Gramke, Wichita

Elect Gregory

The Sedgwick County Commission is sorely lacking in diversity and has been for some time. Sadly, no person of color is running. I am happy we now have an opportunity to elect Marcey Gregory to represent slightly more than half of the population of females in our community.

Gregory is a hardworking, strong voice for her constituents. She doesn’t think she knows it all and listens to people, especially the experts, when a decision needs to be made. She respects others’ opinions and respects diversity and will do the right thing for us. She will make spending decisions based on future best outcomes for the community. She is not “penny wise and pound foolish,” like the current majority.

Goddard has flourished under her leadership. We need her to stand out and stand up for us on the County Commission.

Lisa Stoller, Wichita

Giroux outstanding

Dan Giroux, a candidate for Congress for District 4, is an excellent person and qualified in many ways. He’s a devout Catholic, a Democrat and a moral business owner. He comes from a fine family. Many Wichitans knew his dad when he was president of Newman University.

Please vote for this outstanding candidate.

Debbie Riley-Williams, Wichita

Scary similarity

As I read Sunday’s Eagle, there were two articles that caught my eye: “By 2025, wealthy would get most of Trump’s tax cuts” and “Trump challenges legitimacy of elections.” Does anyone else notice the similarities with what Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach have been espousing for the past several years?

What Trump advocates is what Brownback and Kobach have been pushing through in Kansas, with horrific results. Do we really want the same for the United States by voting Trump as the next president?

Tricia Glidewell, Wichita

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