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Letters on support for Muslims, Clinton’s plan, Benghazi deaths

Wichitans support Muslim community

Kansas is often used as a punchline in national politics, but the terrorist plot in western Kansas is serious and frightening. It is important to know that Wichita is full of good people who support the Muslim community and their Muslim friends when haters are attacking them.

For example, there was support for a local mosque after Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, objected to a planned speaker who supports Palestinian rights. Bullies threatened to show up with guns.

Last year, a few ignorant anti-Muslim locals tried to intimidate Wichita State University into canceling planned modifications to the interfaith chapel. This plan for a more modern facility was initiated by local Protestant clergy and included designs to meet the needs of Muslim members of the WSU community. Widespread support for the chapel from the students, faculty and community at large kept the bullies from succeeding.

We know Wichita will continue to stand up for community, solidarity and civil rights.

Laura Tillem, Wichita

Co-chairwoman, Peace and Social Justice Center

Clinton’s plan

Hillary Clinton’s plan for America seems to support abortion and defy God’s law of what marriage should be. She wants to diminish a college education by giving it away when so many other people had to earn theirs. She also would allow those who crossed our borders illegally to stay just because they avoided being caught and had children

Clinton would tax the people who in many cases worked very hard to get where they are and then give it to those who don’t want to work. She also doesn’t want to use aggressive tactics to stop violence in American cities because we might hurt someone’s feelings, but she wants to stop Russia and Syria by creating a no-fly zone in Syria when they can shoot down American fighters with the advanced surface to air missiles we’ve allowed them to put in Syria.

Finally, she wants to balance the budget on the backs of the rich who will set up foreign addresses to avoid paying taxes, as hundreds of American companies have already done.

I don’t want to be part of that togetherness.

Russell Shonk, Wichita

Clinton fire-tested

I have had many people on social media and otherwise call Hillary Clinton “Killery” or accuse her of killing four people in Benghazi or of “leaving them to die.” Exactly what could she have done to prevent the tragedy in Benghazi? Clinton and the Obama administration asked for more embassy security funding, but the GOP-controlled Congress reduced the funding request. The military has repeatedly stated that there was no way it could have reacted in time to have prevented the deaths.

So how exactly could she have prevented the death of her close friend and three other Americans?

Further, these same folks seem to have absolutely no problem with the more than 60 deaths at American consulates and embassies during the George W. Bush administration. At least I have never heard them railing about killers Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

The simple fact is that Clinton is the most ethical, fire-tested person to have ever run for the job of president and deserves admiration and support, not innuendo and outright lies.

Jim Giles, Wichita

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