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Letters on retaining justices, disrespecting Obama, Trump threats

Don’t let Brownback pick more justices

With all due respect to the family and friends of the Carr brothers’ victims and the folks at Kansans for Justice, I will be voting to retain the four Kansas Supreme Court justices on the November ballot who they are trying to defeat. Simply put, to not retain these four justices would give our horrible Gov. Sam Brownback the opportunity to appoint four new justices with his warped ideological bent, and there is no way you can convince me to do that.

I urge every Kansan to vote to retain the four justices, and once we have a sane and honorable governor, we can then address the issue of the performance of these four, but not a day before.

Vernon Jones, Wichita

Disrespecting Obama

I disagree with columnist Charles Krauthammer about there being no penalty for disrespecting the United States (Sept. 10 Opinion). For the past eight years, members of the Republican Party have shown great disrespect for President Obama. Many have called him and his family vile names and fought hard against everything he’s tried to do.

Many Republicans have disrespected the president, and Krauthammer and others did not try to stop it. If you can’t respect our president, how can you expect other countries to?

Sheryl Robertson, Wichita

Trump threats

Why are Donald Trump supporters threatening trouble if he doesn’t win? This really should be taken seriously. It’s not just empty talk; it’s a threat.

If Trump’s supporters are so ready to threaten trouble if he doesn’t win, what sort of tactics are they going to use to get their way if he does get elected?

Stuart Boehmer, Wichita

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