Guest Commentary

Jeff Longwell: Let’s focus on the issues and get to work

Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell
Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell

Wichita is winning.

Over the last four years, we have made Wichita win, and we can continue to make Wichita win together.

It’s exciting to tour our vibrant city and see all of the new activity, improvements and pride. As you are driving around, you can utilize one of the many improved roadways like West Kellogg and I-235 or the soon to be open East Kellogg improvements. By this time next year you could have attended one of more than 200 events at our new west bank stadium. Or you can ride on one of our new bike paths, perhaps stopping by the Red Bud Trail markers to honor our city’s history. Or enjoy one of our parks on foot, such as the new Harrison Dog Park, revitalized Pawnee Prairie Park or stop by to see the new Keeper statue in College Hill Park.

We have experienced renewed job growth, major road improvements, upgraded parks, the best ISO fire department rating in our history and dramatic improvements in reducing crime in our community. Unfortunately, the positive direction Wichita is heading is being overshadowed by unfounded and overblown accusations toward my opponents and me. I stand with Wichita’s citizens when I say we all deserve better and we should stand together to condemn these disgraceful acts.

Let’s focus on the issues and get to work.

We have always shared our ideas and how we can build a better Wichita — together — from quality of life to public safety to economic development to talent acquisition. Our community loves coming together to solve issues that will help us be better. We have a city that loves to share their Wichita pride. And we have a lot to be proud of.

Working side by side with our citizens, civic organizations and businesses, I’ve been fighting for Wichita. Fighting for jobs, fighting for better roads and streets, fighting for safer neighborhoods, fighting for a safe and sustainable water supply, and fighting for parks and public facilities that serve today’s needs.

I love Wichita. I think we’re on a roll. But we still have work to do to keep the momentum that we have all worked so hard to achieve. Let’s continue building a Wichita we are proud of. Let’s get back to a campaign of ideas and getting things done.

Let’s make Wichita win together.