Kansas views on job losses, brain drain, judicial retention, KanCare

Job losses – The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Kansas hit the nation’s rock bottom by losing 5,600 jobs in July. Clearly, the radical economic-stimulus strategy foisted upon the state by Gov. Sam Brownback and his far-right minions has been an abysmal bust.

Garden City Telegram

Brain drain – The steady loss of Kansas’ college graduates to other states is a bothersome trend that reinforces ongoing concerns about the state’s economy. Until the state’s lawmakers admit that the tax policies in place now are hindering, not helping, the state’s economy, Kansas’ brain drain is likely to continue.

Lawrence Journal-World

Judicial retention – As election season grows nearer, voters will undoubtedly see their mailboxes once again filled with misleading claims about politicians, with the added bonus of such claims regarding the justices who sit on Kansas Supreme Court. Voters must allow reason to reign – and question what really underlies an unprecedented effort to alter the majority of the highest court in the state.

Hutchinson News

KanCare forums – The Brownback administration’s recent decision to cancel public forums about KanCare in Topeka, Wichita, Pittsburg, Dodge City and Overland Park was a frustrating mistake. The last thing officials should do is limit candid and open discussion about the problems they’re charged with addressing.

Topeka Capital-Journal

Schlitterbahn – The death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on Schlitterbahn’s Verruckt water slide provides state government officials with good reasons to bolster regulations that will protect amusement park visitors in the future, especially given the fact that no federal rules govern that industry.

Kansas City Star