Voters now take charge

Kansas has never seen an election year in which the stakes and ad expenditures were as high as they’ve been in 2014. Having reached Election Day, voters now take charge.

The nation is eager to see how Kansans settle the unexpectedly close U.S. Senate race. As ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl put it on “This Week” on Sunday: “Kansas has not elected somebody other than a Republican (to the Senate) since before ‘The Wizard of Oz’ hit the movie theaters.” (It was actually seven years before, in 1932.)

Additional suspense surrounds the contests for governor and secretary of state, in which voters must decide whether or not they want to stay the conservative Republican course.

Down-ballot races for Kansas House, Sedgwick County Commission and Wichita’s 1-cent sales tax all matter to the economic future of the state, region and community.

The Wichita Eagle/Kansas.com online 2014 Voter Guide is an outstanding source for information on 67 races and 90 candidates, and can even generate sample ballots.

The Eagle editorial board’s endorsements, the product of 55 candidate interviews and other research, can be found at Kansas.com/opinion.

If you are registered and didn’t vote early, please exercise this precious right at the polls. And don’t forget to take along an approved photo ID.

For the editorial board, Rhonda Holman