Kansas views on governor’s race, Colyer loan, Schodorf, sales tax on food, Royals

Governor’s race – Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts have the state on track to again be hundreds of millions of dollars short on revenue. It would be fitting if Brownback had to clean up his own mess. But it’s also true that Kansas no longer can afford Brownback’s tax-cutting “experiment.” Paul Davis is the only way we’re going to get back to fiscal and social sanity.

Salina Journal

Improvement may not have been as rapid as Gov. Sam Brownback or some might have hoped, but it is too soon to say his economic plan has failed. Kansans will be best served by re-electing Brownback on Nov. 4 and continuing his conservative approach to government.

Topeka Capital-Journal

The agenda pushed by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has helped his key allies, namely the Koch brothers, see their free-market, small-government blueprint unfold at the expense of others in income tax cuts that disproportionately benefit wealthy Kansans. The recklessness of the current regime has done enough harm. Voters have the power to put Kansas back on a commonsense path, and should do so by supporting Paul Davis on Nov. 4.

Garden City Telegram

Colyer loan – No wonder Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback keeps saying the state’s finances are great, that we have plenty of money and there’s nothing at all to be concerned about. Why wouldn’t he? Based on his campaign finance reports, a handful of wealthy donors can fill his coffers, along with a revolving $500,000 loan, courtesy of the deep pockets of Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer. Much like the state’s budget, Brownback’s campaign seems to think that the appearance of money is the same as having money. But as the state’s public schools, most state agencies and middle-class and poor families know, they are not at all the same thing.

Hutchinson News

Schodorf – Kansans deserve a secretary of state whose priority is the people’s business. That isn’t Kris Kobach. It is Jean Schodorf. Schodorf will return professionalism to the office of secretary of state. She will be an impartial referee of state elections, as the job description calls for, not be an active participant attempting to influence the outcomes. She will treat all Kansans fairly, as they should be able to count on. Discrimination and voter-suppression efforts will become a part of the past.

Hays Daily News

Sales tax on food – State Sens. Michael O’Donnell, R-Wichita, and Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita, are putting together a proposal to phase out the state sales tax on groceries over several years. Unfortunately, years could pass before the state’s financial situation allows lawmakers to even consider reducing the sales tax on groceries. When that time comes, we hope lawmakers are enlightened enough to act.

Manhattan Mercury

Royals – So close. That’s how it felt as Alex Gordon peered down the third base line toward home plate with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and baseball’s World Series championship on the line. So close. That’s how it felt when Salvador Perez popped out and hearts all over Kansas City began to deflate. So close. There will be no victory parade, but Kansas Citians and Royals fans from coast to coast have been united and uplifted by the team’s astonishing October run.

Kansas City Star