Letters to the editor (March 27, 2019)

Growing national debt

Getting ready to pay your taxes? What if you had to pay for all of what your federal government has made you responsible?

Like all government spending government debt is also an expenditure underwritten by taxpayers. This year again taxpayers must set aside time to calculate what the government demands they owe. But always missing in the process determining all of what they owe is the federal government liability we know as the “US National Debt” currently nearing $22 trillion.

Whatever each taxpayer calculates their tax to be for 2018 they should add another $179,465 for their share of the “US National Debt” for which the government has made them liable. If that is not bad enough, what also should be figured in what taxpayers owe is their share of the federal government’s liabilities that are unfunded.

Unfunded liabilities of which the US Federal Budget Deficit, Social Security, and Medicare are the largest have broken above $122 trillion and rising. With each taxpayer share of unfunded federal liabilities currently at $999,355, the total tax for which they are ultimately responsible is $1,178,897 more than just what their filed tax return indicates they owe.

Ron A. Hoffman, Rose Hill

National Doctors Day

March 30 is National Doctors Day, a date set aside to recognize physicians for their work and contributions to society and the community. The Medical Society of Sedgwick County uses the week as an opportunity to encourage high school students to consider careers in medicine.

MSSC members are speaking at area high schools about their specialties and why they became physicians. They will share their passion for practicing medicine while providing students a better idea of what it takes to become a doctor.

Students often are surprised to learn there are different paths to becoming a doctor. For example, dance, theater and English majors get into medical school. In addition, you don’t have to be a math whiz.

Being a physician can be a demanding job, but it is also rewarding and a privilege. As MSSC physician Diane Steere told students last year, “I get invited into people’s lives; that’s why I became a doctor.”

Michael Lievens, Wichita

Fund prisons, child services

I read in the paper that the Republican legislators in Topeka want to return the excess money they have to the taxpayers. Then I read on the next page that El Dorado prison was in dire straights and had no funds to hire the corrections officers they need. The corrections officers are working 12-16 hr. shifts and making only $15.76 hr. These officers work with the most dangerous criminals in the state, risking their lives every day. It's not hard to see where the "excess" money should go.

After being starved of revenue for the past 8 yrs. our essential state programs are unable to operate as they should. The corrections officers should have their salaries raised to $20- $25 hr. Maybe then they would be able to attract enough corrections officers to do their jobs safely and without the risk of the most dangerous criminals in the state from escaping and spreading out into the community to wreak havoc on the populace again. I, for one, want to see them locked securely up, never again to be let loose to prey on the community.

Then, if there is any more "excess" money left over, they might think about spending it on hiring enough social workers to keep our children safe. The children in the DCF system are being murdered at an alarming rate because there are not enough social workers to keep tabs on them after abuse allegations are made.

Sandy Love, Maize

Bait and switch

While running for President, Trump promised: “I will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it!” Now he admits that Mexico will not pay for it; but he still says he will build it.

If he had said: “I will build a wall. I would like Mexico to pay for it, but as a sovereign nation, they can’t be forced to. I would like us rich Americans to pay for it, but we won’t because it’s our money, and we will spend it on what we want.

So I will build the wall, and have you, the middle and working classes pay for it.”

Had he said these things, how many of us would have voted for him. If Trump wants to honor his promise on the wall, he should get Mexico to pay for it, not pull a bait and switch on the people who believed him.

Dennis Harvey, Bel Aire