Kansas views on voter fraud, death penalty, new Kansas City airport


Voter fraud – In this world of alternative facts, there’s no one who’s likely to perform better than Secretary of State Kris Kobach. It’s where he’s spent his professional career, creating crises that don’t exist and writing laws that address a problem that still hasn’t materialized. Now he’s taking his message on the road, to share with the rest of the country his delusion that behind every corner is a fraudulent voter just waiting to alter the outcome of an election.

Hutchinson News

Kobach, who apparently knows no shame, continues to spread baseless allegations about voter fraud, both in Kansas and nationwide. He’s with President Trump in estimating that 3 million or more votes were cast fraudulently in November. The real voter fraud doesn’t involve people casting ballots illegally. Rather, it involves people spreading the lie that voter fraud is common and undermines our elections.

Manhattan Mercury

Death penalty – Tax policy, budget fixes and K-12 public school funding will dominate this legislative session. While that’s understandable, thoughtful consideration of the responsible act of repealing the death penalty shouldn’t be tabled indefinitely.

Garden City Telegram

New airport – What are we to make of news that Gov. Sam Brownback is pursuing a regional airport in Johnson County? To be sure, a Kansas airport remains a long shot, at least in the short term. The hurdles for building an airport virtually from scratch are enormous. At the same time, the area’s slow-rolling, three-year conversation about Kansas City International Airport needs to accelerate. The Brownback news has splashed gasoline on a smoldering fire.

Kansas City Star