Kansas views on legislative races, judicial retention, Trump, fiscal woes

Kansas message – Voters in Kansas sent a message in Tuesday’s election that they are dissatisfied with the direction the state has taken the past two years under the leadership of Gov. Sam Brownback and the ultra-conservative majority in the Legislature. The good news for Brownback? The governor still has two years to heed voters’ message, adjust his approach and alter his legacy.

Lawrence Journal-World

Judicial retention – We congratulate Kansas voters for seeing through a transparent power grab. Retaining Kansas Supreme Court justices ensures the state continues to follow the will of the people – as expressed in the Kansas Constitution.

Hays Daily News

Trump win – Donald Trump insisted that he was the best person for the job and could overcome just about any obstacle. We hope he’s true to his promise to put America’s interests first and recognizes that doing so needn’t alienate other nations. We also hope he spends more time and energy building than tearing down.

Manhattan Mercury

After one of the nastiest elections in memory, the United States now faces the task of becoming united again. It won’t be easy. People have slung many hurtful words. There have been unproven accusations. But what really makes America great is the ability of its people to respect differing views, standing up for freedom of religion and the right to a fair trial. These are a part of our DNA as Americans.

Hutchinson News

Fiscal woes – Kansas is swaying on a dangerously high fiscal ledge, and Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts haven’t brought our state anything like the economic renaissance we were promised. In fact, Kansas continues to fall behind on many of the most critical economic metrics.

Topeka Capital-Journal