Not just about next president

Though most of the attention this election has focused on the U.S. presidential contest, state and local races could have an even bigger impact on our daily lives.

So even if you aren’t thrilled with the choices for president, it is important to go to the polls and vote on the other races and issues on the ballot.

Voters frustrated with the direction of state government ousted many conservative lawmakers in the August primaries. Similar results Tuesday would further shift the balance of power in the Legislature and send a strong message to Gov. Sam Brownback.

Voters also have an opportunity to change the direction of the Sedgwick County Commission, which also is needed.

But Kansans should vote to retain all the appellate court judges on the ballot. These judges and justices have performed their difficult jobs with care and integrity, and voting them out could undermine the independence of the courts.

If you haven’t voted yet, grab your photo ID and head to the polls.

All elections matter. But this one could be especially consequential.