Endorsement list

Here is a list of Eagle editorial board recommendations in contested federal, state and local races. Full endorsements are at Kansas.com/opinion.

U.S. Senate

Jerry Moran

U.S. House

4th Congressional District: Mike Pompeo

1st Congressional District: Roger Marshall

Sedgwick County Commission

District 2: Tim Norton

District 3: David Dennis

Sedgwick County Sheriff

Jeff Easter

Kansas Senate

District 16: Gabriel Costilla

District 25: Lynn Rogers

District 26: Dan Kerschen

District 27: Tony Hunter

District 28: Keith Humphrey

District 30: Susan Wagle

District 31: Carolyn McGinn

Kansas House

District 81: Blake Carpenter

District 82: Danette Harris

District 83: Henry Helgerson

District 85: Patty Beamer

District 86: Jim Ward

District 87: Roger A. Elliott

District 88: Elizabeth Bishop

District 90: Lou Cicirello

District 93: Deb Shepard

District 94: Susan K. Osborne

District 95: Tom Sawyer

District 97: Stan Reeser

District 98: Steve Crum

District 100: Daniel Hawkins

District 101: Clifton Beck

District 105: Cammie Funston

Judicial retention

Vote “yes” to retain Kansas Supreme Court justices Carol A. Beier, Dan Biles, Marla Luckert, Lawton R. Nuss and Caleb Stegall.

Vote “yes” to retain Kansas Court of Appeals judges Steve Leben, G. Joseph Pierron Jr., David E. Bruns, G. Gordon Atcheson, Karen Arnold-Burger and Kathryn A. Gardner.

Constitutional amendment

Vote “no” on establishing a constitutional right to hunt, fish and trap.