Kansas views on terrorism plot, backing Trump, legalizing pot, Big 12


Terrorism plot – In Garden City, we know the thoughts and acts of any depraved white supremacists won’t undermine a vibrant community that attracts immigrants to fill labor needs and helps the newcomers assimilate. But we also have to acknowledge how hate-mongering, radical extremists in our midst could be influenced and resort to violence. True leaders address issues in a responsible way, without ugly rhetoric that only fans the flames of hate.

Garden City Telegram

Backing Trump – Gov. Sam Brownback was right to decry the ugly, misogynistic comments Donald Trump made in 2005, but he should recognize that support for a presidential candidate entails much more than an endorsement of potential Supreme Court nominees.

Topeka Capital-Journal

Legalizing pot – Though Kansas law enforcement is concerned about the imports of marijuana from Colorado, maybe it’s time for Kansas to stop fighting a growing trend and get on board with legalization. We certainly could use the tax income, and law enforcement could spend its time protecting communities instead of arresting people using a substance that is arguably no more dangerous than alcohol.

Hutchinson News

Medicaid – KanCare expansion should not only be discussed next legislative session but approved. It’s the right thing to do for the 150,000 lower-income Kansans who now have no health insurance coverage.

Salina Journal

Big 12 expansion – The Big 12 Conference’s decision to remain at 10 teams may have been the right call, but it also feels like confirmation that the league is the weakest of the so-called Power 5 conferences. TV wasn’t interested in Big 12 expansion, and in college sports these days, TV money dictates decision-making.

Lawrence Journal-World