Finger on the Weather

Close call with a tornado in northwest Germany

Several thoughts flashed through my mind as I watched video of a tornado striking a small town in northwest Germany on Monday.

The first was how close the man shooting the video was to the tornado — entirely too close, in fact. He wasn’t a daredevil storm chaser. He was shooting video of the tornado from what appears to be a back patio of his residence in the village of Eckwarderhorne.

He was fortunate there was virtually no debris in the tornado, or he might well have been injured or killed.

The second thought I had was wonderment that his plastic patio furniture didn’t budge, even as the tornado seemed to pass perhaps 30 yards from his house.

My third thought was the video reminds us that tornadoes can strike in all sorts of places — many of which would surprise us.

This video was making the rounds on social media Tuesday, and for good reason. It’s compelling viewing.

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