These 7 Kansas teachers were pregnant at the same time. That caught Ellen’s attention

Ellen DeGeneres surprised seven Oak Street Elementary school teachers after they were all pregnant at the same time in Goddard, Kansas.
Ellen DeGeneres surprised seven Oak Street Elementary school teachers after they were all pregnant at the same time in Goddard, Kansas. Screen grab from ellentube

“Pregnancy is obviously contagious” at this Kansas school, Ellen DeGeneres joked, so when she surprised seven teachers who were all pregnant at the same time, she did so from afar.

Those seven teachers with Oak Street Elementary in Goddard, Kansas, went viral last month when the school posted a photo of the pregnant women. Goddard is located west of Wichita.

“The Oak Street kindergarten classes of 2024-2025 are growing by the day,” the school posted on March 19. “We can’t wait to meet the little ones of these seven teachers!”

At the time, those seven women — who make up about half of the school’s 15 teachers — were pregnant with “EIGHT little tiger cubs,” Goddard Public Schools posted to Facebook. And yes, the district says it “counted correctly.”

The story quickly spread through social media and was covered via local and national media — and the soon-to-be moms caught Ellen’s attention.

“We gathered all of the teachers in one room, since pregnancy is obviously contagious there ... OK, I didn’t want to risk catching it,” Ellen said in a segment posted to ellentube on Wednesday. “So instead, I thought I would pop up on their screen and surprise them.”

The TV talk show host then showed her viewers a live video looking into the classroom where the seven teachers were posed as though they were about to take a photo. At the time of the video, five of the women were still pregnant.

The other two gave birth to their babies “within 24 hours from each other,” the district said on March 29.

As the unsuspecting teachers were talking to each other, Ellen spoke through the live chat.

“Ladies? Hi, excuse me,” Ellen said. “I don’t want to interrupt.”

This time, Ellen caught the attention of teachers Nicole Lauer, Katie Day, Tara Johnson, Kaylee Busick, Kelli Jo Sheahon, Taylor Ballard and Tiffany Schmidt. Their “surprised screams” filled the air.

“Take deep breaths,” she advised the women. “Nobody have a baby right now.”

During the segment, Ellen learned that teachers Katie and Tara had their babies in the same hospital while just two rooms apart. Nicole is expecting to have her newborn next as she’s due on April 16.

Ellen also learned that the teacher’s husbands do not all know each other — and the men didn’t sit around and conspire to make this happen.

As the women were talking with Ellen, correspondent Jeannie Klisiewicz walked in with Katie and Tara’s newborns, as well as a special surprise.

“I don’t know if you know this, but every year we film our Mother’s Day Show, where we give away the latest and the best baby gear,” Ellen said. “Unfortunately, you have to be pregnant to be here, and you have to be a first-time mom. So anyway, you can’t.

“But we have a Skybox, and you can do anything in there that you want,” Ellen continued. “So you’re going to go to the Skybox.”

Again, the women’s screams of excitement filled the air.

You can watch the show segment online on ellentube.

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