Parking lot standoff leads to ‘most ridiculous’ 911 call of the year, Kansas cops say

Screen grab from @LawrenceKS_PD/Twitter

Meet “Karen and Chad.”

While those aren’t the real names of the two drivers involved in a “ridiculous,” rage-filled parking lot standoff, they are the center of a viral Twitter story told by the Lawrence Police Department in Kansas.

The thread tells the true story of on an actual 911 call, and Lawrence police call it “the most ridiculous call of 2019 (so far).”

The thread starts with a photo of “Dumb and Dumber,” not to be confused with the two drivers in this story.

The story began when two cops — also known as “two unfortunate souls” — were called to a “road rage in progress” report on Wednesday night.

“Upon arrival, the first officer finds two cars in a parking lot, we’ll call the drivers Karen and Chad,” the department tweeted. “The cars are facing each other in close proximity. So Karen wants out of the parking lot, Chad wants in. BOTH OF THEM ARE REFUSING TO GET OUT OF THE OTHER ONES WAY.”

When the “two unfortunate souls” got to the “great parking lot standoff of 2019,” it had already been going on for about 20 minutes.

First, the officers talked to “Chad,” according to the department’s tweets.

“So Chad says, ‘I got nowhere to go, I can just stay here all night,’” police said. “But why, Chad? Why don’t you just move? Apparently because this is a principle issue, and because 2019.”

With no luck getting “Chad” to back up from the parking lot standoff, the officers talked to Karen.

“’Nope, I’m not moving. He can move,’” she said, according to police.

“Karen” told the officers that she could not back up because her vehicle — a mini van — is too large, and she would crash it if she backed up, according to police tweets.

“Karen is driving a *mini*van,” Lawrence police tweeted. “Mini is emphasized because the van is not particularly large, and if Karen can’t back it up, maybe Karen should refrain from driving.”

So, with neither driver willing to move, a sergeant came to the scene, but once he found out what was happening, he left, police said.

The first two officers tried convincing the drivers to be the bigger person, but neither complied. “Chad” said he’d “sit there all night” since it was “Karen” who called the cops.

She also still refused.

“WHY WONT YOU JUST MAKE HIM MOVE UGH THE POLICE SUCK,” she said, according to Lawrence police.

Police had three responses to that, according to the thread:

  1. The great parking lot standoff was on private property, so police can’t legally make either driver move
  2. “Grow up.”
  3. “We’re leaving.”

At 2:03 p.m. on Feb. 28 (the day after the standoff), police tweeted that “as far as we know, Chad and Karen are still sitting there.”

Then, at 8:02 p.m. on March 1, the Lawrence Police Department was able to finish its story.

“Pleased to report that at last check Chad and Karen have moved on,” the tweet says. “Not from their pettiness, just from the parking lot. Happy Friday night to everyone, except Chad and Karen.”

The thread about the great parking lot standoff received about 500 comments, 7,000 retweets and 19,000 likes since it was posted on Feb. 27.

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