Meet Heatly the goat. Frostbite in Kansas left him without a hoof — but watch him run

Heatly the goat is one “tough cookie.”

The 3-week-old kid got severe frostbite while living in Kansas, but he is a fighter, his rescuers said on Facebook.

That will to survive — along with the farmer who got him to safety, the rescuers who took him in and the work of an “astounding veterinarian” — has given this brown-and-white goat the chance to run and play.

Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Oklahoma first posted about him on Saturday. The photo shows the goat, now named Heatly, lying in a bed of shavings.

“We are enroute to rescue this precious little 3 week old guy from KS,” the rescue group posted Saturday morning. “He has suffered some pretty severe frostbite on his legs and ears.”

One of the baby goat’s ears fell off during the ride to get help, and a hoof was infected and detached, according to the rescue group.

Heatly was rescued from a farmer near Topeka, Kansas, which is about four hours from the farm rescue in Luther, Oklahoma, the organization told The Wichita Eagle via Facebook. The Topeka area had blizzard conditions on Saturday, the National Weather Service said.

About six hours after the rescuers announced that they were on their way to save the goat, they had an update.

Heatly — named after veterinarian Dr. Summer Heatly — was doing well.

He did lose two ears and one hoof due to infection and frostbite, but he was all cleaned up and able to stand on his own four legs, according to the update. He may need to have another hoof removed, too, but “time will tell.”

“Bless his heart,” the rescue group said. “He’s got a long and hard road ahead of him, but we are in it 100 percent. He wants to live, he’s SUCH a fighter.”

Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary said that Heatly will need “lots of wound care and supportive meds,” as well as at least one prosthetic for the hoof he lost.

But that missing hoof didn’t stop Heatly from being a kid.

On Sunday, just one day after Heatly’s emergency treatment, the rescuers posted a video of him running around as he “neighed.”

In the video posted to Facebook, the Oreo-patterned baby goat ran and stumbled on dead grass while his two hind legs were wrapped in blue bandages.

“So so proud of this baby,” the Oklahoma rescue said.

The organization noted that some people were angry with the Kansas farmer, but the rescuers said the man went “above and beyond” to help the goat.

“When he realized this baby had froze he brought him in and reached out to rescue,” the organization posted. “He then drove 2-2.5 hours to meet us to get him to safety. This is a VERY rare and wonderful thing. This rarely happens, and sometimes owners still try and make money off of the injured or ill animals. This man didn’t.”

Kaitlyn Alanis is based out of Kansas and reports on news from across the Midwest region. She has been at The Wichita Eagle since 2017.