Bulldozer came three weeks after her house exploded. Then she found her cats

Kunimitsu the cat was rescued three weeks after her owner’s house exploded.
Kunimitsu the cat was rescued three weeks after her owner’s house exploded. Ashley Nadeau

Ashley Nadeau’s home was left in shambles after her house exploded almost three weeks ago, according to a GoFundMe fundraising page for the Topeka family.

The home exploded just 50 minutes after she and 9-month-old Rosalie left because of a “strange smell” on July 19, KSNT reported.

And when it blew up, they lost all their “material possessions,” the GoFundMe states. Topeka Fire Marshal Michael Martin told the Topeka Capital-Journal that the home was “pretty much destroyed.”

Dylan McManis, one of Nadeau’s neighbors, told the newspaper that the house was “obliterated” from the blast.

Another neighbor, Brandy McGranahan, told the Capital-Journal that “the whole house was gone.” A photo of the home shows the roof sitting at car level on a pile of rubble.

house explosion.JPG
A Topeka family’s house exploded as a result of storm damage, the fire department told the Capital-Journal. Screen capture GoFundMe

In addition to losing their personal belongings, though, their two cats — Kunimitsu and Mr. Tibbs — were also missing, the Capital-Journal reported.

But three weeks later, there was a “miracle,” Nadeau posted to Facebook, according to the newspaper.

Because when a bulldozer came to investigate the site on Tuesday, one of her cats was found alive in a pipe, KSNT reported.

It was Kunimitsu.

Nadeau sent The Wichita Eagle “before and after” photos of her rescued cat.

In the first, Kunimitsu is a bright white with bright, orange-tinted eyes. But in the after picture, the “miracle” cat’s fur looks singed, and her eyes are dilated.

Fortunately, though, “she seems all in one piece,” Nadeau told the Capital-Journal.

But Mr. Tibbs was still missing.

Then, on Wednesday, Nadeau went back to the site and called out for Mr. Tibbs, she told The Eagle. Then she heard a sound under some debris.

It was Mr. Tibbs.

“Called my friend and she helped my dig him out!” Nadeau said. His ears are burned, but he looks OK.

Mr. Tibbs.jpg
Mr. Tibbs the cat was rescued three weeks after his owner’s house exploded. Courtesy photo Ashley Nadeau

Thanks to everyone for all your support and prayers!” Nadeau posted to Facebook just two days after the fire. “Feeling truly blessed.”

The explosion was caused by “a chain of events from the storms,” WIBW reported, but an exact cause was not known.

Firefighters rescued Judy Alijanovic’s cat, Tirra, from her house on northeast Hill Street in Kansas City, North. EMTs administered oxygen before Tirra was whisked off to the veterinarian.

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