Dozens of suspects charged in western Kansas narcotics sting

Authorities on Friday released the names of 39 suspects charged with crimes as the result of a two-month investigation into narcotics distribution in western Kansas and eastern Colorado.

The investigation focused on counties in northwest Kansas and along the Colorado border, authorities said. Most of the charges were connected to the distribution of meth, although four people were charged with distribution of marijuana. Another has been charged with distributing Percocet.

Defendants live in Colby, Hays, Goodland, Levant, Weskan and Sharon Springs, as well as Burlington, Stratton and Thornton in Colorado.

Most of the defendants — 33 — were charged in Wallace County District Court. Three defendants apiece were charged in Greeley and Sherman counties.

The majority of the defendants have been charged with multiple crimes, according to a statement released by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Still more people were arrested in connection with the sting, authorities said, but they have yet to make first appearances in court or were charged elsewhere.