Kansas 105

1921-1930 Timeline


March — Walt Anderson partners with Edgar Waldo "Billy" Ingram, a Wichita real estate and insurance agent. The two create White Castle hamburgers.

A group of more than 7,000 women who, on behalf of striking miners, march in December across the coalfields of southeast Kansas to protest unfair labor laws and practices. They are nicknamed the "Army of Amazons" by the New York Times. Forty-nine women are jailed during the protests.


Rev. Joseph Epp, a Mennonite minister from Pretty Prairie is denied U.S. citizenship for teaching pacifism during World War I.

March — Charles A. Stanley obtains Wichita's first commercial radio broadcasting license. It is station WEY.

Sept. 4 —The Orpheum Theatre, designed and built by one of the nation's leading architects, "Opera House John" Eberson, opens at First and Broadway in Wichita.

Sept. 5 — Kansas newspapers report hundreds of white-robed Klansmen are holding a meeting at Winfield. Henry J. Allen, Kansas' governor, voices his opposition to the Klan.


John Romulus Brinkley begins broadcasting on his radio station, KFKB promising "youthful vigor" to American men. Nicknamed the "Goat Gland Doctor," Brinkley has already opened a hospital in Milford, transplanting goat glands into men, despite the fact he doesn't have a legitimate medical license from an accredited university.


"Daddy Stole Our Last Clean Sheet and Joined the Ku Klux Klan" becomes a popular song in the nation. It is written by Helen May Marcell, a University of Kansas student.


Air passenger service between Kansas City and Wichita begins; flying time is three hours and a one-way ticket is $30.

Jan. 10 — The Kansas Supreme Court makes a decision barring the Ku Klux Klan from "doing business" in Kansas.


The first municipal college in Kansas is created when Fairmount College becomes Wichita University.

On Nov. 2, Mabel Chase is elected sheriff of Kiowa County, becoming the first woman in Kansas elected as a law enforcement officer.


The nation's first Phillips 66 station opens at 805 E. Central in Wichita.


Oil is discovered with the drilling of the Wright well in Sedgwick County. Almost overnight, the entire county is leased for drilling.


From 1929 to 1933, Kansan Charles Curtis serves as vice president under President Herbert Hoover. Curtis is the first native-born Kansan and the first American Indian to serve in the Senate.

Oct. 29 —"Black Tuesday," the day when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapse.


Burdett native Clyde Tombaugh discovers the planet Pluto.

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