Father Kapaun


Taken from a number of sermons written by Father Emil Kapaun when he was a young parish priest in Pilsen, Kan.

Saints were much different than the ideas we have from worldly things. Their values were true and lasting values, not the passing, trivial things of this world.

If there is anything pleasing to God it is a sincere and devout prayer.

John (the Baptist) was a strong character — he was not a reed shaken with the wind. He stood up for the truth; he did not change his mind as the days went along, and he proved his caliber later by giving his life because he dared to stick to the truth.

Of ourselves we have nothing. Of ourselves we are nothing.

First of all we must be humble enough to acknowledge that we are too poor to help ourselves and are in great need of help.

It is related by a missionary who worked among the Indians in the foothills of the Himalayas, that the natives were often heard to offer up this simple prayer: "Oh, Lord, we know not what is good for us. Thou knowest what is good for us. For that we pray."

A wise man knows that there are many and many things he cannot control.

Strive then not to seek after worldly honors but seek a position in life which will help you keep the word of God in your hearts.

When you have made the last sacrifice of your life, they will guide you along the road to heaven, and bring you into the presence of God for ever and ever, Amen.

In doing our work we can expect to find insults, crosses and failures. That is the way in which we are tried, and through these crosses we will gain many blessings from God.

Some people regard the meek man as one who will not put up a fight for anything but he will let others run over him... in fact from human experience we know that to accomplish anything good a person must make an effort; and making an effort is putting up a fight against the obstacles.

Instead of giving in to the opposition from those who hated Him and who hated truth, He asserted Himself and He asserted the truth to the very end...

God did not intend that he alone should be merciful. He expects people to be merciful too, for we can forgive others who offend and hurt us.

Start out with some little thing. Try to say your prayers with more devotion. Try to attend at Mass with greater devotion. Try to talk about the good things of others rather than talking about their faults. Try to treat others more kindly. Try to tell the truth always.