BTK murder-scene house sells at auction for $35,000

The Park City house where BTK serial killer Dennis Rader strangled his neighbor in 1985 has sold at auction for $35,000.

The 960-square-foot house, in the 6200 block of North Independence, sold at an auction Tuesday night attended by 25 to 30 people, auctioneer Jack Newcom said Wednesday.

The high bid of $35,000 is a little over half of the tax appraisal value. The ranch-style house, built in 1954, has a Sedgwick County property tax appraisal value of $59,400.

Newcom said the house sold for about what he expected. The buyer will also pay a buyer’s premium of $3,500, in addition to the $35,000 bid, for a total of $38,500, he said.

Newcom said he couldn’t provide information about the buyer and didn’t ask about the buyer’s plans for the property.

Recent Eagle advertisements about the auction noted that the home is linked to a murder committed in 1985 by the serial killer known as BTK, initials that stood for bind, torture and kill. Rader sneaked into the home of Marine Hedge, his 53-year-old neighbor just down the street, and strangled her, he told a judge after his capture in 2005.

Rader’s house sold at an auction in 2005 that was held around the time he pleaded guilty to 10 murders from 1974 to 1991. His small home sold for $90,000 – $33,000 more than the appraised value. But the sale fell through, and Park City bought the house from Rader’s former wife for a little less than $60,000. The money came from an anonymous donor. The city then demolished the killer’s house to keep curiosity-seekers away.

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