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Kansas Democrats’ executive director posts about racial conversations at State Fair

The executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party posted on social media about several racially tinged comments he heard at the Kansas State Fair.

Kerry Gooch, who is African-American, took over as the party’s executive director in March. He documented on Twitter some encounters he had while working at the party’s booth at the State Fair on Saturday.

Later in the day he tweeted:

Gooch said Monday that he decided to post the comments on social media as a way to educate people and connect with activists.

“I think it’s important to kind of share what our experiences are on social media,” Gooch said. “I think a lot of people don’t realize some of the things that still go on in our state, especially when it comes to racial issues, so that was my way of saying that we might not be as far as you think we are.”

But Gooch also said that he had a lot of positive encounters at the fair, too. “I mean, I met lots of great people. For every bad conversation, there was probably 50 great ones,” he said.

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