Sean Hannity gives on-air endorsement to Tim Huelskamp

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp won the Sean Hannity primary Tuesday.

The syndicated radio and Fox News TV host, one of the biggest names in conservative broadcasting, tossed Huelskamp an endorsement at the end of an interview on his radio program Tuesday.

It couldn’t have come at a better time for Huelskamp.

Huelskamp represents Kansas’ 1st District in Congress. He’s locked in what appears to be a tight race with Great Bend physician Roger Marshall in the Aug. 2 Republican primary.

In his interview with Hannity, Huelskamp claimed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others have targeted him over his hard-line stance on illegal immigration. He also said Washington power brokers wanted to get him voted out of office to send a message to about 50 to 60 other congressional conservatives who break with leadership.

Hannity derided congressional Republicans overall as “weak,” “timid,” “feckless” and “visionless” and said “they pretty much rolled over when it came to the Obama agenda.”

He praised Huelskamp as “one person who doesn’t back down.”

“I really want to put emphasis on this,” Hannity said. “If you’re in Tim Huelskamp’s district in Kansas, the 1st District in the state, you really need to get out and vote for him, because he has been targeted for being one of the people with a spine and a backbone and the strength to actually fight and fight effectively.

“I’m not doing this for many people, Congressman,” Hannity added. “I really refuse to, and you have my full support.”

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