Kansas caucus: Ted Cruz supporters on why he has their vote (Part 1 of 5)

Jody Mosier, left, and Dave Lane, right, are backing Sen. Ted Cruz.
Jody Mosier, left, and Dave Lane, right, are backing Sen. Ted Cruz.

Before the presidential election hits the Sunflower State, The Eagle asked voters who represent a cross-section of the community to talk about who they support among the five leading candidates – and why.

By March 16, more than half of Republican and Democratic delegates will have been awarded. Kansas’ caucuses take place Saturday, right in the middle of this big push.

Kansas’ caucuses are small, but could be important, given how close the races are.

The winners will receive just under 1 percent of all Democratic delegates and just under 2 percent of Republican delegates.

Today, we hear from Ted Cruz supporters.

Coming later this week, supporters of: Hillary Clinton (Tuesday), Marco Rubio (Wednesday), Bernie Sanders (Thursday) and Donald Trump (Friday).

By Oliver Morrison and John Albert

Dave Lane, 50

On the dairy farm that Dave Lane runs, there are a lot of things he can’t control, so he has to roll with the punches.

That that makes him appreciate Cruz’s steadiness and knowledge of the law but makes him skeptical of Trump. “(Trump) can’t just go and do things unless he acts extra-constitutionally,” Lane said.

People are fed up with the hypocrisy of politicians, he said, but Cruz has been consistent. Most Republicans who say they oppose Obamacare still voted to fund it, while Cruz did not.

He wants a candidate willing to stand up for what he believes in, and Cruz led efforts to shut down government to stop the Affordable Care Act. He doesn’t think a shutdown should be a constant threat, but he said that “this constant go-along-to-get-along mentality, it’s leading us to the places we’re at right now. At some point, you run out of room to negotiate.”

Lane doesn’t want government in his business, and Cruz has promised to stay out. Whoever is elected, he hopes little will change for him, because he doesn’t think a president should have that much power.

By Oliver Morrison and John Albert

Jody Mosier, 40

Jody Mosier, who works at a hotel, tries to vote for the most conservative candidate in every election. After watching every debate but one, she said, Cruz is that candidate.

Plus, she just thinks that he looks presidential, like Ronald Reagan.

Not Trump. “I was OK with him at first,” she said, “and then I saw him being nasty to his opponents, and that turned me off.”

Cruz has taken a strong stance against illegal immigration. Although Mosier’s mother is an immigrant from France, Mosier wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants who don’t have permission to be here. She’s OK with a guest-worker program. But she said she doesn’t want people who “hop the fence.”

“I’m all for people who want to come and earn money for a while. It’s just letting people into our country who we don’t know who they are,” she said.

If Cruz is elected, she thinks he’ll lower taxes, and she might be able to move out of her parents’ house. Her father is a retired minister. She said it’s important to her that Cruz has said he would appoint a Supreme Court justice that will oppose abortion.

Wichita-area Republicans supporting various GOP front-runners discussed who they plan to vote for should their preferred candidate not get the nomination. (Video by Oliver Morrison, John Albert, Matt Riedl, Bo Rader, Brian Corn/The Wichita Eagle a

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