That’s not a ballot in that ballot envelope

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Sedgwick County election workers got a surprise when they opened what they thought was a mailed-in ballot on Monday.

A $200 surprise.

A voter who apparently meant to send a ballot in the official business envelope actually sent the election office $200 in cash, said Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman.

“It’s the first time that’s ever happened,” she said.

The cash was carefully packaged in two separate unmarked envelopes, containing $100 each and sealed inside the larger ballot envelope.

Lehman speculated the person was probably voting and paying bills at the same time and got the envelopes mixed up. She said she hopes the mistake doesn’t result in the voter being late to pay a bill.

This isn’t the first time the election office has gotten something unexpected in a ballot envelope.

“It’s better than the dead cockroach we got sent a couple years ago,” Lehman said.

She said people don’t need to try to come in and claim the cash.

“We know who did it; their name is on the envelope,” she said.

The election office mailed it back to the voter on Monday.

Unlike the dead cockroach, which they didn’t send back, she said.

Dion Lefler: 316-268-6527, @DionKansas