Early voters in Wichita ready for it all to be over

2016 early voting in Wichita

Voters at a few advance polling stations in Wichita tell us who they voted for in the presidential race -- and why. (Video by Oliver Morrison / The Wichita Eagle)
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Voters at a few advance polling stations in Wichita tell us who they voted for in the presidential race -- and why. (Video by Oliver Morrison / The Wichita Eagle)

Polling sites at 16 different locations across the county are open for early voting. The Eagle spoke to voters at eight locations in Wichita on Monday and early Tuesday to find out whom they voted for and why.

Don Harp – Donald Trump

“My problem is I don’t think much of any of them politicians. You can always tell when a politician is lying; his mouth is moving. A few days or a month after you vote, you find out the person you voted for is a sex addict, a drug fiend, broke the law. It just seems to be one big tar pit. I’d like to vote for Trump and anybody else who has never been there.”

Jordan McNally – Hillary Clinton

“Clinton is probably the most qualified candidate we’ve ever had, and it kills me that people beat up on her. I don’t think they would beat up on her if she was a dude. You’ve got male politicians that do stupid stuff every day, and it doesn’t get drug out quite as bad. Isn’t Trump going to court in November for sexual assault?”

Walter and Shawna Garner – Trump

“Trump is the only one that has mentioned heroin as a problem. I am a recovered addict. We have a son who is an addict, and we lost a son to addiction. Trump’s issues with the Mexican border is not really illegals. I have a 7-year-old grandson worried about his friends from school being taken away. It’s the drug cartels.”

Sheila Crabtree – Evan McMullin

“If you bring up the faults of one candidate, then immediately they say you are supporting the other. No, I don’t like either. I can say no to both. I wish it wasn’t where people were stuck in the binary choice.”

Jerry Ashley – Trump

“They’re not trying (to) solve problems with the world, they’re just arguing with each other, like a divorced couple. He says a lot of rude things, and she’s done a lot of bad things, supposedly. She’s investigated for some reason, so she’s obviously done something. I hope he’ll get rid of Obamacare. The Obamacare isn’t working out for me. I’m a poor guy, and it costs more than it should.”

Michael Davis – Clinton

“I’m anxious for it to be over, but I’m afraid of what’s going to happen after. The country is split so far apart that whoever wins is going to face such terrible partisanship that, at the very least, the next four years nothing will get done and, at worst, there could be violence and a lot worse.”

Robert McCabe – Trump

“It’s the craziest election I’ve ever seen, the back and forth between Hillary and Donald. I’ve never seen a presidential candidate accused of groping and kissing women, never seen a candidate accused of what Hillary has been accused of. It’s wild.”

Augustus Titcheno – Clinton

“They say you can’t trust her, but I do. I’ve checked her ever since her husband was president, and she’s been straight down the line. She may have made a mistake, but who doesn’t? Hillary would make a better explanation of herself if she didn’t have to keep fighting Donald, but they’re so busy calling each other names, just like a man and his wife.”

Tiffany Cribbs – Jill Stein

“The election has helped me see the elephant in the room, which is racism. Seeing the rallies and Trump throwing out people and then seeing people voting for Trump and how they feel about other races, even calling Hispanics illegals, I don’t agree with that. I feel like that is a form of bullying.”

Maythe Hernandez – Clinton

“I’m worried about friends and family and close relatives that can’t legally be here. I don’t think he’s (Trump) going to try and (deport immigrants) if he becomes president. He’s going to do it, and everyone is going to live in constant fear.”

Blayne Beham – Trump

“I think this country needs to be run like a business, and I think he knows how to run a business. I want change and I don’t want the same things to be perpetuated and I know that he will change things and I know that Hillary won’t change things.”

Dana Loffland – Clinton

“It’s really affected my mood. I’m tense, my stomach is in knots, and I can’t seem to turn away from the news. It’s been terrifying to watch Trump. He doesn’t speak about the issues, he talks about e-mails and women’s (privates) on my television in my living room.”

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