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Kansas politicians respond to Obama

▪ “I am extremely disappointed in the president. President Obama could have, and should have, listened to the message from the last election, but instead, as we heard tonight, the President has turned a deaf ear to the will of the American people. He is taxing more, spending more and issuing more regulations.

“Kansans have my assurance that I will continue to fight the president’s liberal agenda we heard outlined tonight. I will promote constructive, conservative, and commonsense solutions to our nation’s problems, and I won’t be deterred by the president’s refusal to listen to the American people.”

— Sen. Pat Roberts, on his Facebook page

▪ “Like many Kansans, I was interested to hear the president’s ideas on how we could solve many of the challenges facing our country. Kansans are tired of the broken policies of the past, and they are hopeful that the president will work with this new Congress to actually get things done for the American people. Kansans know that taxes are too high, that federal deficits are too large, and that while there may be plenty of high paying jobs in Washington, there aren’t enough at home in Kansas.”

— Rep. Kevin Yoder

“President Obama used this evening to appease his political base and focused on dividing our Nation and using bureaucratic control to run our country with top-down Washington-centered solutions. I believe the key to growing a healthy economy begins by strengthening the paycheck of hard working Americans, putting more money into Kansans pockets, and growing our economy from the bottom-up.

“While I was disappointed in many of the president’s remarks, I remain hopeful there will be opportunities in the near future to work together to expand trade and fix our broken tax code. I remain hopeful that this president will seize those opportunities just as those who preceded him did.

— Rep. Lynn Jenkins, on her Facebook page

▪ “Barack Obama’s policies mean one thing ... more spending, more taxes, more debt.”

— Tweet from Rep. Tim Huelskamp during the State of the Union speech

▪ “Although the president did recognize that the ever rising cost of higher education has imposed a huge financial burden for our youth and families, I’m disappointed that his proposal increases federal funding for the cost of higher education at the expense of those who’ve worked hard to save. I’d prefer tax policies that empower and reward tax payers for preparing for the future rather than encouraging more reliance on the federal government.”

— State Treasurer Ron Estes addressing concern with President Obama’s proposal to apply income tax on withdrawals from 529 College Savings Plans used to pay for higher education expenses.