‘Ghost baby’ spotted with sleeping boy in baby monitor video freaks out Illinois mom

An Illinois mom was convinced a “ghost baby” was lying beside her sleeping son Friday night.

After all, Halloween is only a week away.

Maritza Cibulus, who lives in suburban Chicago, was going to bed when she glanced at the screen of her baby monitor, Fox News reported. There, next to her sleeping 18-month-old son, she thought there was another baby in the crib.

A picture shows a small infant right next to her son, apparently snuggled under a blanket.

She sneaked into the room with a flashlight to catch the “ghost” and felt the bed sheets, thinking it was possibly drool or a stain, Yahoo reported. She found nothing.

“I told myself maybe it was just a stain on the sheet and left the room,” Cibulus told Yahoo News. “I probably went in there about three more times throughout the night.”

After a restless night, the 32-year-old mom went into her son’s bedroom to investigate in the daylight, according to a Facebook post.

It turned out that the “ghost baby” was really just a logo of a baby on the mattress, which her husband forgot to cover with a mattress protector when he changed the sheets, she said.

“I could kill him,” Cibulus wrote on Facebook.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.