Intense video shows train barreling toward unconscious driver on tracks in Utah

An intense video shows a Utah state trooper run toward a car parked on the railroad tracks as a commuter train barrels toward it.

The Utah Highway Patrol released dash camera footage of the close call Wednesday morning in Centerville near Salt Lake City.

The video shows Trooper Ruben Correa arrive at the scene after hearing about a vehicle on the tracks, police said. Correa spotted red taillights on the tracks and ran up an embankment toward the vehicle. He stumbled and fell, then continued toward the vehicle.

In the distance, the bright lights of a Front Runner commuter train get closer and closer.

The video shows Correa open the door of the vehicle and pull out the unconscious driver as the train is just feet away. About a second later, the train smashes through the vehicle as Correa and the driver tumble down the embankment.

“At that point, I actually wasn’t really thinking,” Correa told KSL. “I was just doing my job.”

Michael Rapich, colonel of the Utah Highway Patrol, applauded the “heroic action” of Correa.

Utah Transit Authority officials said on Twitter that no one was injured during the crash.

Police said the driver had a medical problem before driving off the road and onto the tracks, according to KSL.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.