Bomb goes off at elementary school playground, Montana cops say. Students evacuated

A bomb that was found on an elementary school playground in Montana detonated on Tuesday, police say.

Police say an “improvised explosive device,” or IED, was found on the playground at Rossiter Elementary School in Helena Tuesday morning. The device had already been detonated when school officials discovered it, Sheriff Leo Dutton said during a news conference. School officials reported the device to police around 8:20 a.m..

The Department of Homeland Security defines an IED as a “homemade bomb.”

Dutton described the bomb as a soda bottle with duct tape, but declined to remark on the device’s other components.

Officials say they don’t know for certain when the bomb was detonated but believed it happened sometime Tuesday morning. The school did not receive any threats prior to discovering the device, police say.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.52.50 AM.png
Police say a bomb detonated at Rossiter Elementary school in Helena, Montana on Tuesday. Google Maps

Police say no one was injured in the blast and Rossiter students are being evacuated.

All other Helena District 1 Schools and East Helena Schools have been placed on lockdown so they can be searched by law enforcement, police say. They are not currently being evacuated.

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