Logs slide off truck, impale windshield — and Georgia driver survives, photos show

Logs slid from a logging truck, piercing the windshield of an SUV and leaving a Georgia driver with just “minor injuries,” officials say.

The freak accident pushed the pieces of wood eerily close to the driver’s seat of the vehicle Friday, according to dramatic photos from the Whitfield County Fire Department.

Glass shattered around the logs, which stretched all the way to the SUV’s rear hatch, pictures in the department’s Facebook post show.

Whitfield County Fire Department

The damage to the Nissan Xterra happened on Cleveland Highway in Cohutta, a town in northern Georgia that’s roughly 25 miles southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee, WTVC reports.

Firefighters say they extracted the driver, who wasn’t seriously hurt.

Several Facebook users were amazed that the person behind the wheel survived.

“How in heck did they have only minor injuries?” someone commented on the Whitfield County post. “That’s crazy! But wonderful news!”

“That person is fortunate to still be alive!” another Facebook user wrote. “My cousin did this same thing years was a closed casket funeral.”

Fire officials in their post don’t mention whether there were charges related to the crash.

The whole scenario may be familiar to fans of the horror movie “Final Destination 2.”

In the 2003 film, a “truck’s cargo falls off,” sending a log through a window, according to the Internet Movie Database website.

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