A camel sat on a woman at a Louisiana truck stop, so she bit its testicles, cops say

So, a woman walks into a camel enclosure...

It sounds like a joke, but this story out of Louisiana is anything but.

A Florida truck driver and her husband stopped at Tiger Truck Stop — a truck stop known for exhibiting exotic animals — in Grosse Tete, where they let their deaf dog out of the truck for a rest break, The Advocate reported. But the dog ran off.

The woman chased the dog, following it into a barbed wire pen belonging to Caspar, a camel who lives at the truck stop, WAFB reported.

Police say the dog was chasing treats the woman’s husband had thrown into Caspar’s pen, The Advocate reported.

The woman tried to catch the dog, likely disrupting Caspar, who plopped right down on top of the woman “nearly crushing her,” WBRZ reported.

Camels can weight up to 1,100 pounds, according to the San Diego Zoo.

So how did she escape? She bit the camel’s testicles, WBRZ reported.

“I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me,” she told police, according to The Advocate.

She was taken to an area hospital, but her condition is unknown, WAFB reported. No serious injuries to the camel were reported.

Caspar the Camel has lived at the truck stop since last summer when the truck stop’s previous and eponymous pet, Tony the tiger, was put down following kidney failure and other health issues, WAFB reported. Previously, Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin said he hoped to bring in more animals to build a children’s petting zoo.

“The camel has never been aggressive, the camel has never gotten out, never caused any issues.” Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. said, according to The Advocate. “In fact, the husband and wife stated before that we’ve been here before and we’ve never had any problems.”

The couple was cited for trespassing and violating area leash laws, the news outlet reported.

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