‘No, no, no!’ Plunge over Pennsylvania waterfall spills six rafters, video shows

A visitor on an observation deck overlooking Ohiopyle Falls screamed “oh my god” Saturday as an inflatable raft careened toward the Pennsylvania waterfall, a video posted online shows.

Another visitor shouted “no, no, no” as the raft plunged over the falls, spilling four men and two women into the raging Youghiogheny River, the video shows.

“We fortunately got all six of them fairly quickly,” said Kenneth Bisbee, park operations manager at Ohiopyle State Park, WTAE reported. He said they escaped with “some scrapes and bruises.”

“The great thing about it is, just like wearing a seat belt in your car, how important that is, all six of them had their life jackets on,” Bisbee said, according to the station. “So when they went over the falls, that was probably the thing that saved them, and that’s why they’re with us today.”

Cody Veronie, who shared video of the scary incident on Facebook, said he couldn’t tell at first if everyone was okay after the fall.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen and wasn’t part of the guided trip,” he wrote on Facebook. “We watched all the rafters go over and stood there waiting to see if everyone came out. We couldn’t tell from where the video is so we went over to the visitor’s center and everyone was coming up. We asked and thankfully everyone was okay and came out alive.”

The rafters told park officials they did not see signs warning them to turn back from the upcoming waterfall, WHDH reported.

The 20,500-acre state park in southwest Pennsylvania contains several waterfalls, including the 20-foot-high Ohiopyle Falls, according to its website.

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