Thief uses canoe to reach flooded home, then steals boat to escape, Missouri cops say

The flooding Mississippi River wasn’t enough to stop a man from his home burglary attempt last week, according to a Facebook post from the St. Charles County Police Department in Missouri.

The man — 37-year-old William T. Amos — got on a canoe and began canoeing through floodwater near the Missouri-Illinois border until he got to an unoccupied home, police said. Surveillance video captured the canoeing thief in the act, police wrote.

Once Amos got to the home on flooded land, “he attempted a burglary,” police said.

“It wasn’t clear if he was able to take anything,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Later on Thursday, the homeowner saw Amos at the River Island Marina, according to the Facebook post. That’s about half a mile from where he is accused of attempting the burglary in the 5800 block of Washeon Road.

The homeowner confronted the man and let police know where Amos was, police said.

That’s when Amos stole an inflatable boat and headed into the Mississippi River to escape cops, according to the statement.

Officers found him in a “flooded, wooded area at the river’s entrance and detained without incident,” the department wrote. Police then used a “watercraft supplied by St. Charles County Regional Emergency Management to safely transport Amos back to dry land.”

Amos was arrested and booked into the St. Charles County Department of Corrections on suspicion of felony stealing and attempted burglary, and one count of second-degree property damage. He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

In court documents, Amos was listed as homeless, according to the Post-Dispatch.