Ex-fiance with burned brows blames ‘improperly’ using Nair. Nebraska cops: It’s arson

Dennis Prokopec
Dennis Prokopec Lincoln police

A man with a burned nose and singed eyebrows is accused of setting the home where his ex-fiancee was living on fire, but he says it wasn’t arson, the Lincoln Police Department said, according to KLKN.

Rather, 40-year-old Dennis Prokopec says it was hair removal gone wrong, reports KLIN.

“Dennis denied being involved in the arson and claimed his injures were from improperly using Nair hair removal,” Officer Angela Sands said, according to KLKN.

Police don’t believe that story, though.

For one, “officers didn’t find Nair or any hair-removal products in their search of his home,” the Lincoln Journal Star reported after obtaining his arrest affidavit.

A fire investigator also said there were five different “points of origin” for the fire, and there were patterns “consistent with arson,” KETV reported. Five mattresses were lit on fire, KLKN reported, and they destroyed everything inside the home at about 9 a.m. Nov. 29.

Nobody was inside when the fire started, the Journal Star reported, but his ex lived inside that home.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that she had been harassed by Prokopec and they had broken up, according to a police report.

A witness reported to police that a Chevrolet Traverse got to the home right after the woman left for work and left a little after that, the World-Herald reported. Shortly after, the witness heard an explosion and saw the house catch fire.

Prokopec drives a Traverse, police said, and he matches the witness description, according to the newspaper.

The victim reported to police that Prokopec had been “obsessed” with her wedding dress since they broke up last summer, the Journal Star reported, and that dress has not been found since the time of the fire.

She was not the only victim, according to KLKN. David Hill and his girlfriend, Joy Huber, also lived in the home.

Huber is raising money for her boyfriend and his child who lost everything in the fire.

“All the Christmas presents that were bought, all the clothes, everything is in your home,” Huber said, according to KLKN.

Prokopec was arrested on suspicion of second-degree arson and burglary, according to KOLN.