This man is a pumpkin smasher, video shows. Two Kansas boys would like a word with him

Two young boys sure “would like to have a word” with the man who smashed their pumpkins in broad daylight.

The man — a pumpkin smasher — was caught in the act thanks to the family’s porch surveillance cameras in Lawrence, Kansas.

“We were walking around after dinner in downtown Lawrence when my wife and I simultaneously got alerts on our phones that the camera had started recording,” Chris Leiszler told The Wichita Eagle. “We saw it happen in real time, and there wasn’t a thing we could do about it.

“We were obviously fuming mad, so we just ended our fun evening then and there,” he continued.

In the recorded video that Chris Leiszler posted to Facebook last week, you can see the pumpkin smasher walk up the steps to the family’s porch.

He picked up the first pumpkin, walked back to those stairs, lifted the pumpkin up above his head and threw it off the porch and into the family’s cement walkway, the video shows.


Orange pumpkin guts made a mess in the Leiszler family’s front yard.

But the pumpkin smasher wasn’t done yet.

With a quicker pace than the first time, the man picked up the second plump pumpkin, lifted it over his head and threw it off the stairs.

Smash, again.

Once again, the smashed pumpkin broke apart and left an even bigger mess.

Then, because he wasn’t done yet, the pumpkin smasher ran to the last pumpkin, threw it down the stairs — smash — and continued running away from the home, the video shows.

Out in the distance, you can hear someone shout, “Let’s gooo!” just as the pumpkin smasher made it to the street and out of the camera’s view.

“If you happen to recognize the jerk in the video, let him know that the two guys in the picture would like to have a word with him,” Leiszler posted to Facebook. His boys are 9 and 6 years old.

This wasn’t the first time someone stole the Halloween spirit from the Leiszler porch.

“This has been happening year after year, and we are sick and tired of it,” Leiszler said. “Last year, we had some large and fairly expensive decorations stolen from our porch, and that’s what prompted us to buy the security camera.”

Because theft and vandalism has been bad in the past, Leiszler said his family has been bringing the pumpkins inside before bed each night.

“But this happened in broad daylight!” he said. “We’re just tired of it.”

Leiszler said he has suspicions that the pumpkin smashing was a fraternity prank, as one of the stolen decorations from last year turned up at a University of Kansas fraternity parking lot. That fraternity house is around the corner from his home, he said.

“We took the boys to a few of the fraternities in our neighborhood to see if anyone would be willing to identify the person in the video,” Leiszler said. “Of course, no one would claim they knew him.”

Now, Leiszler is hoping that someone who sees the video will recognize the pumpkin smasher and identify him.

“We’d really like these people to be held accountable for their actions,” he told The Eagle. “More than anything, I’d like him to meet my sons face to face and apologize to them. And even though they’re less than half his age, maybe he could learn a thing or two from them about being mature and treating other people with respect.”