Men are to blame for ‘ALL unwanted pregnancies,’ says Mormon mom, and the debate rages

Gabrielle Blair, a Mormon mom of six, said in a viral Twitter thread that to stop abortion, you need to stop unwanted pregnancies — and that they are all caused by men.
Gabrielle Blair, a Mormon mom of six, said in a viral Twitter thread that to stop abortion, you need to stop unwanted pregnancies — and that they are all caused by men. Twitter/@designmom

Gabrielle Blair is a Mormon mother of six who uses Twitter to “amplify” the voices that she loves, according to her biography on the social media site.

This time, she amplified her thoughts on approaching abortion differently in what she said was her first thread of tweets on Twitter.

“I’m convinced men actually have zero interest in stopping abortion,” she said in her first tweet of the Sept. 13 thread. Here’s why…”

She went on to explain that if you want to stop abortion, you have to stop unwanted pregnancies.

And men aren’t interested in stopping abortion she says, because “ALL unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men.”

Blair, also a designer and blogger who “helps women across the globe stay well-informed about up-to-date topics,” said on her blog, Design Mom, that it is a place to read “captivating, eye-opening, mind-expanding discussions.” She lives in Oakland, California, according to her blog.

In her Twitter thread, which led to debate and discussion on who is blame, Blair said it does take two people for intentional pregnancies, but that unwanted pregnancies are only caused by one person — the man.

She said men are to blame because “unwanted pregnancies can only happen when men orgasm irresponsibly,” whereas women can orgasm as many times as they would like without ever getting pregnant.

“Women enjoying sex does not equal unwanted pregnancy and abortion,” she tweeted. “Men enjoying sex and having irresponsible ejaculations is what causes unwanted pregnancies and abortion.”

Blair also said in her thread that birth control is much easier for men than women.

Women’s birth control has side effects and requires a doctor’s appointment and prescription, she says, while men’s birth control — a condom — is “readily available at all hours, inexpensive, convenient, and don’t require a prescription. They’re effective, and work on demand, instantly,” she says.

Planned Parenthood says condoms used perfectly are 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, “but people aren’t perfect, so in real life condoms are about 85% effective.”

“So why in the world are there ever unwanted pregnancies? Why don’t men just use condoms every time they have sex? Seems so simple, right? Oh. I remember. Men _don’t_ love condoms.”

It is because of this that Blair says people need to stop shaming women.

“When the topic of abortion comes up, men might think: Abortion is horrible; women should not have abortions,” she tweeted, “And never once consider the man who CAUSED the unwanted pregnancy. If you’re not holding men responsible for unwanted pregnancies, then you are wasting your time.”

Blair says society can reduce or eliminate abortions in the U.S. if people “HOLD MEN RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS” — and not by protesting at abortion clinics or by working to make abortion illegal.

To hold men responsible, she suggests castration as a punishment for men who cause an unwanted pregnancy. Blair also suggested requiring men to have a vasectomy when they hit puberty, which can then be reversed when ready to have a baby.

The Mayo Clinic says almost all vasectomies can be undone, but “this doesn’t guarantee success in conceiving a child.”

“Don’t like my ideas? That’s fine. I’m sure there are better ones,” she tweeted. “Go ahead and suggest your own ideas. My point is that it’s nonsense to focus on women if you’re trying to get rid of abortions. Abortion is the ‘cure’ for an unwanted pregnancy. If you want to stop abortions, you need to prevent the ‘disease’ – meaning, unwanted pregnancies. And the only way to do that, is by focusing on men ...”

The thread had been retweeted 68,000 times in three days and has received both support and criticism from men and women.

Many men replied that they are not the only ones responsible.

Other men promoted Blair’s thread and her beliefs.

And many women — representing a strong number of the replies — showed up with support and encouragement.

The Mormon church — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — said in a previous news release that “the Church opposes elective abortion for personal or social convenience.”

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