Toilet is right next to kitchen counter in this apartment — for ‘maximum efficiency’

The bathroom and the kitchen have a shared space in this St. Louis apartment.
The bathroom and the kitchen have a shared space in this St. Louis apartment. @9NEWS/Twitter

If you’re looking to achieve “maximum efficiency,” an apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom could be exactly what you need.

When the toilet is right next to your counter, there’s no telling what you could get done.

And after a photo of this St. Louis apartment made it to Reddit, people had plenty of efficient ideas for this kitchen and bathroom combo.

Washing + Dinner = Winner,” one user wrote.

Baking + Grooming = Booming,” said another.

Loo + Oven = Loving!” another commenter said.

The studio apartment is located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, the Associated Press reported. It can be rented for $525 a month, according to KUSA.

The apartment was leased a couple weeks ago, the AP reported, but before a St. Louis man became the new tenant, an online listing said the apartment has a “combo kitchen/bathroom for maximum efficiency.”

“It’s not a full size bathroom, it’s an eat-in kitchen with a dual purpose chair,” one redditor wrote. “Never get up to leave the table again during a meal.”

This is one of the tiniest apartments the real estate company has, but it “may be perfect for someone seeking a simple, minimalist apartment,” the listing said, according to the AP.

The apartment is 200-square feet, KMOV reported, and is part of “The Cambridge.” That building was originally made up of 12 family “luxury” apartments, the station reported, but it was converted into 50 smaller units during the Great Depression.

After the listing was shared thousands of times, the general manager of S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management told KMOV that a man rented the space and moved in.

“The moment (the ad) went viral it was rented by someone who is thrilled to be here. He’s thrilled to be able to afford something in the heart of the most expensive upscale neighborhood,” Harold Karabell told the station.

“I’m glad so many people find it an amusing oddity, and it gives them something to smile about at the same time,” he told the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

While people find the shared kitchen and bathroom space odd, the floor plan isn’t the only one of its kind, Karabell told KMOV.

“People think it’s unusual, it’s really not, around the world you find floor plans like this, in New York City you may find some like this,” he said, according to the news outlet.

A few years ago, in New York City, an apartment received lots of attention because of the shower placed right in the middle of the kitchen, the Huffington Post reported. It was listed at $1,795 a month.

“The kitchen/shower combination is certainly odd, but it’s not a complete rarity,” the Post reported in 2015. “There are actually many kitchen/bathroom combos in the Lower East Side.”

This style apartment has many people wondering if the layout is legal.

“It’’s a legitimate apartment, and it’s passed all city inspections,” Karabell told the Post-Dispatch.

But there has been a dispute over this type of living arrangement.

In 2015 the St. Louis Building Division inspected the apartments and rejected them, according to city records obtained by the newspaper.

“We do not view this as a rooming house type of use,” the chairman of the Board of Building Appeals wrote in 2015. “Our view on this is based on these individual units being equipped with separate bathrooms, and a kitchen with both a stove and refrigerator.”

A month later, though, the owner sent an appeal letter. That letter was obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

“She requested that all these units be considered together and that the units be acceptable without kitchen sinks,” the letter said, according to the newspaper. “She stated that these efficiency units are generally used by single people that because of work restrictions, do not use the unit to cook a lot of meals per day.”

The board granted her appeal, KMOV reported, on the condition that kitchen sinks be added to the apartments when “major improvements” are done. The apartment featured does have a kitchen sink, photos show.

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