‘I just enjoy killing’: Nebraska airman’s journal reveals ‘a thirst’ for murder

An airman in Nebraska pleaded guilty to premeditated murder for killing another airman last week, and prosecutors shared his chilling handwritten journal during sentencing.
An airman in Nebraska pleaded guilty to premeditated murder for killing another airman last week, and prosecutors shared his chilling handwritten journal during sentencing. AP

Even the Nebraska airman’s wardrobe was premeditated on the day he committed murder, prosecutors said.

In a handwritten journal, Airman 1st Class Timothy Wilsey, 21, described how he wore a shirt featuring Batman villain the Joker for his first date with a fellow airman he was plotting to kill in August 2016. “I thought it would be funny to wear a shirt of a sociopathic serial killer while committing a murder,” Wilsey wrote, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

After putting on the shirt, Wilsey went to 20-year-old Airman 1st Class Rhianda Dillard’s dorm room at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, where the pair planned to watch television together. But Wilsey was the only one to emerge from the room alive, the Associated Press reports.

First, Wilsey wrapped his arm around Dillard’s neck, prosecutors said, adding that Dillard likely expected Wilsey’s touch would be her first brush with intimacy. Then Wilsey started attacking her. He sat on top of her and used both his hands to strangle her, the World-Herald reports. Dillard’s body was found three days later. Surveillance camera footage caught Wilsey walking out of the room nonchalantly the day of the murder, holding a box of Oreos.

“He chose her because he thought no one would care about her,” Major Ryan Reed, a military prosecutor, said at the sentencing Tuesday, according to the newspaper. “He used his charm, he used his charisma, to gain her trust.”

Timothy Wilsey, 21 U.S. Air Force

Wilsey pleaded guilty last week to premeditated murder in Dillard’s death. He was caught 11 days after her killing in Emporia, Virginia, AP reports — and on him at the time was the journal recounting the brutal, graphic details of the crime. It also contained visions of the criminal future Wilsey was imagining.

“I just enjoy killing. Simple as that,” Wilsey wrote in the journal, according to the World-Herald. He attributed his actions to “a hunger, a thirst, a craving” to murder. He also wrote about how he planned to make it as a professional hitman in a New York drug gang someday.

“Nobody ever got famous for killing just one person,” Wilsey wrote, according to the newspaper.

Dillard had enlisted in the Air Force after she graduated from high school a few years ago near Biloxi, Mississippi. She was a cyber systems operations specialist with the base’s 55th Strategic Communications Squadron, according to the base. Prosecutors described Dillard as ambitious and bookish. Wilsey wrote in his journal that he targeted her because she appeared lonely and didn’t have many friends at the base, the World Herald reports.

She arrived in Nebraska in March, just six months before her death, according to the base.

“Airman Dillard was a valued member of the 55th Wing and we send our deepest condolences to her family and friends,” Offutt Air Force Base said in a statement following her death.

In court as he pled guilty last week, Wilsey apologized to the Air Force, his family and the victim’s family, KETV reports.

But the victim’s mother said his apology wasn’t real, and told the TV station she would like to see the harshest sentence possible: life in prison with no possibility of parole. The most lenient sentence would be life behind bars with the possibility of parole.

“I’m hoping life without a parole. If I don’t get that, I want the life with 20, but mainly life,” Elizabeth Dillard, the victim’s mother, told the TV station.

Wilsey’s sentence is expected Wednesday.