NPR’s adorable ‘Ramona update’ mistake goes viral, people want more

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NPR swing editor Christopher Dean Hopkins did what every employee with access to their company’s social media accounts fears — he posted a personal post to his work accounts on both Facebook and Twitter.

“Ramona is given a new toy: Smiles, examines for 20 seconds, discards,” the post read. “Ramona gets a hug: Acquiesces momentarily, squirms to be put down. Ramona sees three cats 30 feet away: Immediately possessed by shrieking, spasmodic joy that continues after cats flee for their lives.”

It lasted for only 12 minutes before Hopkins deleted the post on Twitter and edited it on Facebook.

“We don’t generally delete posts, so I tried to do it in a way that would be transparent,” Hopkins told NPR. “My job is to promote our good work, and I catastrophically failed in that last night.”

Lucky for Hopkins, people appeared to have loved his updates about one-year-old Ramona — who is a person, not a cat — and they want more.

Many said Ramona was the only good-news post they read all day in the midst of news from the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history Monday in Las Vegas.

Because of that, a petition was started to bring back Ramona updates and to give a small raise to Hopkins, which can be used for either himself or his daughter, Ramona.

“This post gave joy to so many of your dedicated readers, and we want more,” the petition states. “We want to thank you, and show our love (and how much we relate) to Ramona, the cats, the writers, and all of NPR.”

NPR said the verdict is still out on whether or not there will be regular Ramona updates.

“I suppose if people keep promising to pledge to NPR and it doesn’t distract from the very good work our NPR journalists do, we’ll see,” Hopkins said.

Even the Houston Zoo wants to read how Ramona is doing.

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