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Boy slips and punches hole in $1.5 million artwork

On Sunday a boy tripped and punched a hole in a painting valued at $1.5 million in Taipei, Taiwan, to the delight of millions of YouTube viewers.

The painting, “Flowers” by Paolo Porpora, was insured so the boy will not be asked to repay. The boy was touring an exhibit that featured 55 paintings from the Italian Renaissance to the 20th century and his slip was captured on CCTV. Here is the full video:

This seems to be part of a larger trend of children breaking things at museums. A girl broke an ancient glass artifact in Israel on Tuesday when she accidentally bumped into a display case. Earlier this summer a 5-year-old broke an 18th century jug into 65 pieces in Suffolk, England, which took an hour per piece to put back together.

But that’s better than the student who last year broke a historic statue when he climbed it to take a selfie. In that case it turned out to be a copy not the original.

But when a child climbed onto a piece of modern artwork at the Tate Modern in England, some art aficionados called for removing pesky children from art museums entirely, although others suggested that the work did indeed look like a bunk bed and perhaps the child had found a new imaginative way of interacting with the work.