You Oughta Know

Find out about lost, stray pets online

Each Monday, The Eagle highlights a government record that is available to the public. Open records help people keep government in check and help them better understand how government affects their lives.

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The record: A searchable database of animals picked up by Wichita Animal Control.

Why you’d want it: To find a lost pet or to get a glimpse of the community’s stray animal population.

Where you get it: Go to Enter your ZIP code or the city of Wichita in the appropriate fields. Click the “find shelters” search button. Check the box next to “Wichita Animal Shelter” and click the “Search Now” button. Then click the “I Lost My Pet” button and then specify what kind of animal you’re searching for – for example, dog or cat.

How much it costs: The information is free.

Deb Gruver