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How area legislators voted on bill restricting insurance coverage of abortions

Kansas legislators have approved a ban on insurance companies offering abortion coverage as part of their general health plans except when a woman’s life is at risk.

Here's how area lawmakers voted on the bill, which passed the Senate 28-10 and the House 86-30 and has been sent to the governor.



All area Republicans voted yes, except for Jean Schodorf of Wichita, who voted no, and Les Donovan of Wichita, who did not vote.


Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita voted no.



All area Republicans voted yes, except for Joanne Pottorf of Wichita, who voted no.

Democrats voting yes

Jan Pauls, Hutchinson; Vince Wetta of Wellington

Democrats voting no

Nile Dillmore, Gail Finney, Geraldine Flaharty, Judy Loganbill, Ponka-We Victors and Jim Ward, Wichita; Ed Trimmer, Winfield.

Democrats not voting

Melody McCray-Miller, Wichita.