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Pixius to move headquarters to Second and St. Francis

WICHITA — Pixius is planning to move its headquarters to the northwest corner of Second and St. Francis.

That's where Mayor Carl Brewer currently has his re-election headquarters.

Pixius, a wireless broadband service provider with more than 7,000 customers in Kansas and Missouri, currently is on East Central near Hydraulic.

The deal for the new space, which has more than 14,000 square feet, isn't done yet.

No one is talking officially yet, but if the deal goes as expected, Pixius should move in by the fourth quarter along with affiliated companies Scotland Group, an insurance agency, and Sinclair Masonry.

Scotland Group and Sinclair Masonry would be placeholders of sorts, meaning they'd use space there until Pixius grows and needs more room.

The plan is to remodel the building and add a mezzanine, which would increase the building's square footage.

Look for more information on the project in coming weeks.