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Abode Home to become the Venue at Abode

WICHITA — It's a tough market to try and lease a 10,000-square-foot building, let alone sell it, so Bill Jackson and his son, Josh, are turning their Abode Home space into the Venue at Abode.

"I don't even want to admit it, but a couple of years ago I started thinking if this furniture thing doesn't work out, it would make a great venue," Josh Jackson says.

So when the furniture store on Douglas just eat of Old Town closed about a month ago, he says they decided, "Let's give it a shot."

Through the years, Abode hosted various events.

To do it full time, though, Josh Jackson says he has to make a few changes.

For starters, he's adding bathrooms. A lot of them.

There also will be an expanded prep area for caterers.

"Obviously, we need to beef up our air conditioner," Josh Jackson says, referring to a steamy fundraising event that was held at the space Saturday.

That event had been booked for months, but there won't be any more for several weeks until the space is reconfigured.