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State seizes Clear Lakes Cafe's assets, which will be sold to pay delinquent taxes

WICHITA — Sheriff's deputies and the Kansas Department of Revenue seized the assets of P&P Inc., which operates as Clear Lakes Cafe, on Thursday afternoon.

The department executed tax warrants totaling more than $28,000 against the 2-year-old restaurant on 21st Street just west of Amidon.

"Only after several unsuccessful attempts does the Department take this type of aggressive warrant execution action of seizing assets, which in this instance resulted in the business being closed," spokeswoman Freda Warfield said in an e-mailed statement.

Warfield said all bank accounts, cash, inventory and personal property assets, including property belonging to owner Paul Fleming, were seized and will be sold at a public auction to pay the delinquent tax.

"The KDOR's standard practice is to continually encourage delinquent taxpayers, who are not lawfully filing or paying taxes (sales, withholding, etc.), to voluntarily enter into a repayment agreements," Warfield said in her e-mail.

Fleming couldn't be reached for comment.