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Tevis is back with a new campaign comic

Sean Tevis comicTOPEKA - Sean Tevis is back with a new comic, and plans to run again in 2010.

Tevis, a Democrat, garnered national attention in the 2008 election after a fund raiser web comic helped him raise about $96,000.

He missed unseating incumbent Olathe Republican Rep. Arlen Siegfreid, earning, 4,959 votes, or 48 percent to Siegfreid’s 5,367, or 52 percent. Siegfreid has held the seat since 2003.

Already his efforts are gaining national attention.

On Wednesday, Tevis tweeted “DailyKos calls me the Coolest Candidate Running for state legislature. Wow!” at his account @stevis.

The left-leaning political blog wrote “The coolest candidate running for state legislature anywhere. And he’s in Kansas.”

The November 2010 election is still more than a year off so in the mean time, Tevis is visiting politicians advocating for open government. At each meeting he wears a shirt displaying the name of 100 people and Twitter-styled messages of 140 characters or fewer. The politician gets a copy of the shirt as a keepsake.

Supporters can get their name on a shirt by donating $13.37 to his campaign. He has donation options ranging from $6.14 up to $500 - the donation limit for a Legislative candidate.