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Braum's to open north of Douglas and Seneca

braumsAnother new Braum’s is coming to town.

No one with the Oklahoma-based company returned calls to comment. But according to planning documents, the new Braum’s will open at 201 N. Seneca on a vacant lot just north of QuikTrip.

There’s another much older Braum’s just around the corner from there at 1220 W. Douglas. It seems likely that that Braum’s will close when the new one opens.

A new prototype for Braum’s just opened near 21st and Amidon where a previous Braum’s was destroyed in a 2003 fire.

The almost 6,000-square-foot store is the company’s latest model, which includes a double drive through and an expanded fresh market with fruit, vegetables and meat along with traditional dairy and bakery offerings.

We’ll let you know more as soon as a Braum’s representative calls back.