How much do Wichita teachers and administrators make? Here’s a list.

A new report released by the Wichita school district lists annual salaries of teachers and administrators.
A new report released by the Wichita school district lists annual salaries of teachers and administrators. File photo

A new report from the Wichita school district shows updated salaries for about 4,400 district employees.

Click here to read the 153-page document that lists the current base salaries for teachers and administrators, including increases that were part of the 2018-19 employment contracts approved by the school board this year.

The report does not list Superintendent Alicia Thompson, the district’s top administrator, who has her own contract with the district. Thompson will make an additional $12,344 this school year — an increase of 4.85 percent — which brings her total financial package to $307,524 a year.

The new report shows only the base annual salary for each employee. Many teachers have more than one job within the district — such as coaching, monitoring school buses or supervising latchkey programs — which supplement their salaries.

The report also does not include longevity pay, an annual bonus for teachers with at least 14 years in the district. Longevity pay ranges from 3 percent to 12 percent of a teacher’s salary depending on his or her years of experience.

This year’s teacher contract raised teacher pay by 3.65 percent across the board. It also included some compensation for additional experience and education, known as steps and tracks.

District officials said the average increase for teachers, including steps and tracks, under this year’s contract was 4.85 percent, so that’s how Thompson’s raise was figured.

After Thompson, the second-highest-paid district employees are Tiffinie Irving, deputy superintendent, and Tom Powell, general counsel, who each make $165,570 a year. Next is Catherine Sweeney, chief information officer, who makes $153,444.

Six employees make $139,495 a year — assistant superintendents Gil Alvarez, Andria Giesen and Michele Ingenthron; Terrell Davis, executive director for public affairs and special projects; Shannon Krysl, chief human resources officer; and Susan Willis, chief financial officer.

Four employees make $136,690 a year — Fabian Armendariz, director of operations; Wendy Johnson, director of marketing and communications; Teri Moses, director of safety and environmental services; and Luke Newman, director of facilities.